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DronePiX is our latest service we're providing primarily for the Real Estate Market for Brokers and Home Owners alike.

We offer high resolution aerial photos and video that will give you the marketing advantage that will get your property noticed and inspected well ahead of those that don't use aerial photography representation techniques! Our hand gimble stabilization platform allows for super stable 'walk through' footage for seamless final footage representation clips that seem like your client is 'flying' from an overhead property view to right though your front door for a jitter-free stable high resolution 4K video!  

Having overhead property photos allows the market buyer to see your property boundaries, size, terrain layout and visual appeal far ahead of those offering simple two dimensional photos, maps or simple footage specs with no photo's at all! This advantage is being used by nearly all Real Estate Brokers selling '100+ acre' estate lots. We now use drones capable of seamlessly flight and super stable hand held gimble systems for the indoor 'walk through' again providing you with the very best presentation and sales appeal you can acquire for the fast and efficient sale of your property! We offer that same representation plus your watermark company logo (for brokers) of your choice and transparency level. This makes your  'showcase' video look highly professional like it was created with a huge movie studio backed team of personnel and equipment.

We now shoot in 4K resolution, the highest resolution on the market!

It's simply something you have to see to appreciate.


1283 Granville Road, Granville Ferry, NS (Immediately after the Victoria Beach sign)

JULY 1st to JULY 7th ONLY! $150 for 20 minutes of FOOTAGE!